Cena's Story

 I love my girls, I train my girls, I really care about my girls. I started We Like Clean when I realized that I was overworked and underpaid as a schoolteacher and dance instructor. I was never home. I barely saw my boys. They had to spend all there time with grandmother. I felt like a horrible mother, I was stressed all the time, and times were so tough financially. I thought to myself there has to be another way. There has to be a way where I can be there for my boys, still help my students and women in my life that I love and I don’t have to suffer personally. We started We Like Clean from that mindset. We are very selective. The spaces that we clean have to be the right environment. Our customers become part of the We Like Clean family so our girls cannot be put in danger. We pair our girls to the right customers in way that every one is satisfied - our customer has a superior clean environment and our girls are making good money without work life being detrimental to their individual family and community.